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PFM Instructions


File File size
pdf HSS_PFM_Inst_A_Delegation of Authorities_HSS_v5_Eng 1 MB
pdf HSS_PFM_Inst_B_Fiscal Impact Analysis_HSS_v3_Eng 2 MB
pdf HSS_PFM_Inst_C_The Use of the Bisan FMIS, BPM and RMS systems_HSS_v3_ENg 735 KB
pdf HSS_PFM_Inst_D_Forms to be Used for Budget Execution_HSS_v3_Eng 4 MB
pdf HSS_PFM_Inst_E_Understanding Budget Realloc Control & Donor Exemp Eng 3 MB
pdf HSS_PFM_Inst_F_Managing Capital Assets_HSS_v4_Eng 2 MB
pdf HSS_PFM_Inst_G_Budget Circular_2018_HSS_v9_Eng 3 MB
pdf HSS_PFM_Inst_H_Annual Plan_HSS_v3_Eng 713 KB
pdf HSS_PFM_Inst_I_Bank Accounts Procedures Manual_HSS_v3_Eng 3 MB
pdf HSS_PFM_Inst_ J_ Accounting for Donor Funding Eng 239 KB
pdf HSS_PFM_Instr K Accounting for Military Assistance Funds HSS Final_SOM 148 KB
pdf Inst L, Mngmnet of Mifi Units- 1 MB